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Diamantsåg 302 EXAKT

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Diamond Bandsaw EXAKT 302, Pathology

Designed for laboratories with limited space.

Whether soft tissue, bone, teeth or implants, the EXAKT 302, (EX-47001)

cuts all samples quickly, accurately and safely directly in the

lab. We developed the all new saw for the use in pathology

and histology. Our decades of experience in the production

of diamond band saws as well as the feedback of hundreds

of EXAKT users worldwide have gone into the development of

this compact saw. Thus, we offer you a state-of-the-art solution

designed specifically for the user´s safety, convenience

and quality of sample processing.

With the EXAKT 302 even smallest cuts of only 1–2 mm thickness

can be produced free hand – with maximum working

safety. Optimize and reduce the overall processing time of

your sample preparation process.



› Maximum working safety

› Meets standards for safety and hygiene

› Large splash guard for clean and safe working

› Outstanding surface quality of the cut

› Little material loss (0,2 mm band thickness)

› Cutting band – new development

› Benchtop model, suitable for standard

laboratory table height

› Water circulation for cooling and bone dust reduction

› Optional cleaning gun

› Working table with cutting guide and drain pan

› Made completely of high-grade stainless steel


Technical Data

Diamond Bandsaw exakt 302 Pathology


Footprint (W x D mm / inch) 600 x 580 / 23.6 x 22.8

Height (mm / inch) 720–740 / 28.4–29.2

Working height (mm / inch) 305–325 / 12–12.8

Weight (kg / lb) 40 / 88

Cutting band speed (m/min/fps)

at 50 Hz ca. 1,000 / 3,280

at 60 Hz ca. 1,200 / 3,940

Diamond Band Width (mm) / thickness (mm) / grit 12 / 0,2 / D126


Sample processing dimensions

Max. cutting height (mm / inch) 110 / 4.3

Max. cutting width (mm / inch) 180 / 7.1

Working table (W x D mm / inch) 330 x 340 / 13 x 13.4


Water connection

Feed line (Ø mm) 9

Height of connection (mm / inch) above table surface 245 / 9.6

Max. water pressure (bar / psi) 6 / 87


Electrical Connection

Version 1: Voltage (V) 1 x 220–240

Frequency (Hz) 50–60

Power (W) 180

Version 2: Voltage (V) 1 x 100–110

Frequency (Hz) 50–60

Power (W) 180

Version 3: Voltage (V) 1 x 100–115

Frequency (Hz) 60

Power (W) 180


Options LASER / Cutting line

Cleaning Gun

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