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Goat anti-E-cadherin on mouse liver (FR)

Goat ALP-Polymer kit 25,0mL

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Goat-on-Rodent Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) polymer has been developed for use with goat primary antibodies on mouse, rat and human tissues. Goat primary antibodies are advantageous because goat secondary detections display minimum cross-reactivity to endogenous mouse, rat, and human IgG. Advantages of Biocare Medical’s biotin-free polymer technology are increased sensitivity, a reduction of IHC steps and elimination of endogenous biotin. It can be used with formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues, floating sections, frozen sections or cell cultures. The Goat-on-Rodent AP-Polymer is comprised of two reagents: the goat probe that labels the goat primary antibody and an AP-polymer that conjugates to the probe. This two-step system has been proven to be 10-20 times more sensitive than conventional mouse anti-goat AP secondary detection systems. Biocare Medical has developed Rodent Block M (for mouse tissues) or Rodent Block R (for rat tissues) blocking reagents that reduce nonspecific background staining and endogenous mouse or rat IgG. Rodent Block is applied to the tissue prior to the primary antibody for 15-30 minutes. For human tissues, use Background Punisher. Biocare Medical has also developed Rodent Decloaker, an antigen retrieval solution, which helps reduce and eliminate endogenous mouse and rat IgG and non-specific background staining while simultaneously performing antigen retrieval. For human tissues, please refer to the respective primary antibody datasheet for recommended solutions. Temperature dependent protocols can be performed using Biocare’s Decloaking Chamber.
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